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    Successfully create muc room but failed to getHostedRooms


      Hello everyone.

           I'm not sure my problem is relate to smack or openfire and I post it here, sorry for it.

           I got a problem while using smack-4.2.0 and openfire 4.1.3 to build my own IM software.

           I created a multi-user chat room succefully and found the room info in local mysql database.

           But when I called MultiUserChatManager::getHostedRooms, it returns null.

           I found that smack discovers the support feature in MultiUserChatManager.getHostedRooms, but no "http://jabber.org/protocol/muc "

           in the support features list.


           I tried to install the Mucservice plugin on openfire server but no help.


           Does any other configure relate to the muc service? Should I config SSL? or lost some initialization?


          Thanks for your help!!!