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    Add user in my own roster(Buddy)


      Screenshot from 2017-04-20 16-52-55.png

      As you can see from the attached image, there is option to add user to my own roster in ejabberd server. How can I do that via smack? Now while fetching users, it fetches all the users which are in shared roster group. I don't want that, I want to fetch only users who are in my roster. Also how to add user to my roster?


      I did lot of search but found nothing on this. What I decided to do is, I will create a roster group via smack and name it whatever the JID of user is, so the roster group name remains unique. Then I will add users or my buddies to that group. Next time on wards, I will fetch users from that group and that will be my roster or buddies.


      But is it supposed to be this way? Can't I add users to my own roster without creating roster groups?


      P.S: "groups" here doesn't refer to groups in MultiUserChat