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    Spark 2.8 and newer - unable to verify certificate




      Why does Spark 2.8 and newer snapshot builds not work with a complete SSL cert installed OpenFire server?


      I've tried BOTH "Letsencrypt" certificate. Along with a completely paid SSL cert by Comodo (multidomain) to match my FQDN "xmpp.example.com"


      Cert installed just fine... "service openfire restart". etc...    Server properties and environment  show correctly configured server.


      However - every time I connect to the Openfire XMPP Server with Spark I receive message "Unable to verify certificate"


      I do NOT deem a solution of "checking accept all certificates" a valid work-around or solution.


      There any fix for this? 


      xmpp.socket.ssl.active = true

      xmpp.socket.ssl.client.certificate.accept-selfsigned = false