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    Unable to create conference for ofmeet 0.3.28 on Openfire 4.0.3

    Denis GERMAIN



      I have read multiple posts about similar problems with the setting up of ofmeet but can't find the answer. I have the same problem on both Ubuntu 16.04 and CentOS 7.


      I tried to follow the plugin documentation but my usecase is really basic, I don't use any optional components. I have installed a fresh Openfire 4.0.3 with embedded DB and just installed after that ofmeet module.


      At first I had a 404 when trying to open https://openfire:7443/ofmeet/?r=bb but a "systemctl restart openfire" corrected that issue.


      Now, when I open a room, I can see my own camera but :

      - No one can join. When I give the link, the other person sees its own camera but that all

      - No conference is created in Openfire meeting summary http://openfire:9090/plugins/ofmeet/ofmeet-summary.jsp

      - When I click on "Share this link with everyone you want to invite" there is a message stating that the "Conference is currently being created" and Invite is greyed

      - Every few seconds, I get this message in openfire logs (but no "error") and it doesn't stop

      2016.11.18 17:31:00 INFO  [Jetty-QTP-BOSH-95]: org.jitsi.videobridge.openfire.Config - Config servlet

      2016.11.18 17:31:14 INFO  [Jetty-QTP-BOSH-57]: org.jitsi.videobridge.openfire.Config - Config servlet

      2016.11.18 17:31:24 INFO  [Jetty-QTP-BOSH-56]: org.jitsi.videobridge.openfire.Config - Config servlet


      The log that can be extracted from the chrome session (meetlog.json) seems just "empty" of any useful information


        "metadata": {

          "time": "2016-11-18T16:32:28.639Z",

          "url": "https://xxx.xxx.xxx:7443/ofmeet/?r=bbb",

          "ua": "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/54.0.2840.99 Safari/537.36",

          "xmpp": []




      What am I missing ? I've read something about the configuration of ofmeet and the creation of the focus user but it seems to be necessary for previous version and doesn't seem to apply with the latest from what I gathered from previous forum posts. Also I see the focus user in the console so I guess this works.

      I've also read something about MUC rooms but I have absolutely no idea of what this is.


      Can you help me ?