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    Unable to install Openfire 3.7.1 on Ubuntu 12.04

      I've installed previous versions of Openfire onto older releases of Ubuntu, but I have hit a wall this time.


      I dealt with the fact that JRE6 was unavailable by following the instructions at https://sites.google.com/site/installationubuntu/tweaking-ubuntu/reinstall-sun-j ave-in-ubuntu to install update-sun-jre


      Then when I run:

      sudo dpkg -i openfire_3.7.1_all.deb

      I see:

      adduser: Warning: The home directory `/var/lib/openfire' does not belong to the user you are currently creating.

      I tried:

      sudo chown -R openfire.openfire /var/lib/openfire

      but it didn't seem to help.


      sudo dpkg -i openfire_3.7.1_all.deb

      again didn't help either.


      If I run:

      sudo /etc/init.d/openfire status

      nothing is returned


      Looking at the prerequisites for Openfire I saw no mention of Apache so I did not install it, is it required?


      Does anyone have any suggestions as to a fix?