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    Openfire 3.6.3 enabled 9091 port?

      Hi all,


      Today, I installed new Openfire 3.6.3 version but new version is not enabled 9091 port for web console.

      How can I enabled web console security?


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          Are you able to login with 9090 port? What do you see on the start page then? Is 9091 listed in the list of ports? Maybe there is an exclamation icon saying about something is wrong. Maybe you have deleted your certificates while updating Openfire. Then you can try to generate or add them again.

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              Hi wroot,


              Thank you for quick response. I installed new one via tar extract command. Because I would like to run openfire with non root privilege.

              The 9091 port is not listening in system now. I can access console with 9090 port, connect to server from spark and other ports(7777, 5222) are listening in normally.


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