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Announcement 1 Spark not showing some menus or buttons since 2.8.2
Announcement:Spark not showing some menus or buttons since 2.8.2

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Hi buddies,   I am new to openfire. I tried to install openfire 4.1.3 on my mac which is OSX 10.12.4. Here were what I did: 1. installed openfire 4.1.3 2. Installed Java 3. Installed Xampp 4. launched Apach  Web server and Php server 5  Configured openfire via "localhost:9090", created the Mysql DB  with credentials and

Hello Team,   I configure latest openfire server in server 2008 r2 enterprise.client.exe work proper nut i want to configure sparkweb.   please help me how to install and configure sparkweb step by step   Thanks
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Hi there, I'm trying to send test email from openfire admin page, it is configured and i get success message: "Message was sent successfully. Verify it was sent by checking the mail account you sent the message to." but no message arrives, I've checked spam as well. This is the config: Mail Host: Server Port (Optional): 25 Mail