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after I upgraded to latest version of spark MacOS app, the app keeps hanging there forever, I can't check any email because the main windows won't show and application simply hangs, have to force quit but nothing will change next time.

I am using smack and openfire for create chat app in android . for message status I have no problem with delivered and displayed message in other client (double check). I will send a simple json message like bellow to sender: {"delivery":timestapmp} and parse it and double check messages with lower than timestamp that sent before. the problem is
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Hi again, This week I was checking tools for managing certificates. First is Java Keytool, that's shell/command line tool which give easy way to access Keystores and list all certificates or extract particular by alias. Other one was easy rsa that comes with openVPN, it's also nice tool for creating certificates, but seems give less options than
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Hi all,   Jitsi Videobridge is an XMPP server component that allows for multiuser video communication. Unlike the expensive dedicated hardware videobridges, Jitsi Videobridge does not mix the video channels into a composite video stream, but only relays the received video channels to all call participants. More info can be found at