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    Tinder vs Whack - API incompatible


      Hi, I am trying to build an XMPP component using Whack. I see that the current (SVN) version of Whack depends on Tinder, which is fine. But I am not able to actually run an application using both, and as far as I can tell, the root cause is that both Whack and Tinder provide an interface called org.xmpp.component.AbstractComponent and they are not compatible - specifically the Whack version still has a "getLog" method, which is used in (for example) ExternalComponent, but the Tinder version does not.


      What is the correct approach here? The crude option seems to be to modify Tinder to remove those classes that overlap with Whack, but I'm hesitant to just go ahead and do that.



      Dan Dormont

        • Tinder vs Whack - API incompatible

          It turns out my earlier guess was wrong. The key though is that if you're running the SVN version of Whack, you have to use the versions of all the dependencies that come with it, or at least Tinder at any rate. Specifically, the contents of the contents of the build/lib/merge and build/lib/dist subdirectories. Do not try to use any other version of tinder.jar