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    [patch] Upgrading Openfire to  use Jetty 7 Continuations

      I'm from the Jetty development team, and we're interested in helping upgrade the continuations in Openfire from jetty-6-style continuations to jetty-7-style continuations. One advantage of upgrading is that while jetty-6-style continuations were a  Jetty-specific mechanism, the jetty-7-style continuations are portable and work with a variety of containers. This means that they'll work asynchronously with Jetty 6/7/8 and any servlet-3.0 containers. They're also still compatible with servlet-2.5 containers, where they'll be blocking.


      We've had a few API changes, so switching versions requires a bit more than just dropping in updated JAR, but it's not an extreme change, either. I have three patches:


      1. openfire.jetty6.patch
        • converts the continuations, with the addition of a filter to make the new-style continuations work with Jetty 6
        • keep the existing jetty-6 JARs
        • requires one new JAR file jetty-continuations.jar  (direct download link)
      2. openfire.upgrade.jetty7.patch
        • upgrades jetty-6 to jetty-7
        • requires a few new JAR files, all noted in the diff for the versions.txt, and downloadable as JARs
      3. openfire.continuations.jetty7.patch
        • converts the continuations


      The *.jetty7.patch patches need to be combined for the project to compile; I've separated them out this way to make it easier to determine what was changed, and why.