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I am getting a ClassNotFoundException in an android app.   here is the result: Process: com.nedtech.kipapp, PID: 21373                                                                     java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Ljavax/naming/directory/InitialDirContext;… (Show more)
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Andreas Mennel
I have a server running ons aws which is working well. Furthermore I have a smack 4.1.8 client on a android device  and one more on a simple java applicaiton also running 4.1.8. I would like to use socks5 for file transfer which I enabled on my server.   On my android device I just do some sending so there is only this code:… (Show more)
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Hi All,   I have question, is Smack 4.2.0.beta2 is compatible with openfire 3.8.1? I need to create chat room and getting some error when upgrade Smack to 4.2.   Thanks, Ali
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I am trying to implement "block" functionality. When I call "createPrivacyList" I get "<error code='500' type='wait'><internal-server-error xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'/>"   I am using smakc 4.1.7     here is my code:     List<PrivacyItem> privacyItems = new Vector<PrivacyItem>(); PrivacyItem item = new… (Show more)
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I currently working on an application that requires users to be able to send messages, transfer files and video call. I have easily implemented messages and transferring files however while looking at the documentation implementing video calls using jingle is not supported/seems outdated. I was wondering how much work would be required to get… (Show more)
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Can smack/spark be used in ios chat app?If not what can I use instead? Thank you.
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When I try to create an instance ICETransportManager I get the following error. Can not assign address Requested: Can not bind at (Native Method) at (Unknown Source) at… (Show more)
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Iñaki Malerba
Hi there !   I'm using Smack 4.1.0 on android. I can send and recieve everything with no problem, but if the phone switches from Wifi to Data or Data to Wifi the connection gets lost.   This is the Exception: … (Show more)
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Hi All!   Tell me please how I can send message of this type: <message to='2342342424' from='sdfsdfdfsd' type='chat'><composing xmlns=''/></message> ???   Example code would be very good   Thank for answer!!!
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  Hi Guys,     I have implemented the ChatStateListener in my chat window which works fine for detecting new messages but the statechange method never seems to get fired,  Any advice on how this should be implemented.      I add the message listener to the chat but do not see any way of adding a stateListener to a chat.     Best     Mark… (Show more)
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