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Gostaria de saber como posso corrigir esse problema do plugin ofmeet não aparecer no spark. Já coloquei o plugin na pasta do programa, reinstalei outras versões e nada, no meu servidor openfire já está tudo configurado com o plugin openfire meeting   dados do servidor Openfire:
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It happens that I have installed the new version of OP (4.1.1) in Ubuntu Server 16.04 and when I load the Ofmeet plugin I get many question marks (?????). Do you have any idea what it can be? Thank you
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I am beginner of chat developer Any can't teach me, my code has any problem ??? because my personal chat problem: - DeliveryReceiptManager can't received after sender online back - message time     group chat problem: - message time - same issues of the DeliveryReceiptManager - i join group chat using DiscussionHistory to recover back… (Show more)
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Hi, I'm new with openfire, and I want use it for video conference, I install and try the "Openfire Meetings  0.3.9"   No trouble with chromium, and I've to say, this plugin works really great, but I've the error page, onlychrome when I try to access with firefox.   After some research, I found the firefox support is ok for jitsi meet, if I… (Show more)
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Artem Drach
Hi Dele   I am using OF along with LDAP/AD. Running OFMeet but can't get video or sound from members.   User 'focus' is created  in AD, his status 'connected'. In group chat all members are visible. There are errors In OF logs. In browser console there is an error too.   From where should I start searching for resolving an issue?
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Hi,   In order for the focus user to setup the XMPP room successfully and sit in it to enable video/audio, we need to use "Enable Nicknames". If we don't, the focus user does not setup the room correctly and meeting members do not have a focus user in the room to pass video/audio. Is this expected behavior? Does the extra pause caused by the… (Show more)
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Hi all,   I followed all the instructions when installing the ofmeet plugins, got them configured and setup. I'm on Openfire Server v4.0.2, on a Server 2008 box with MySQL. I've got LDAP binding in place.   I can navigate to https://myserver:7443/ofmeet   Type the name of the new conference room and proceed. I get my own webcam/mic etc..  … (Show more)
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Hi everybody,   I'm trying to record videoconference without succes. I've read that i need a 64bits Linux plataform and i only see mp3 files. Anyone can tell me how to get video???   Thanks in advance!
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