Please note that the OfMeet video conferencing web application does not work "out of the box" in Openfire release 3.9.1


You will need to edit the config.js file found in OPENFIRE_HOME/plugins/jitsivideobridge/js folder


var config = {
    hosts: {
        domain: "MYDOMAIN.COM",
        muc: 'conference.MYDOMAIN.COM', 
        bridge: 'jitsi-videobridge.MYDOMAIN.COM' 
    useIPv6: false, // ipv6 support. use at your own risk
    useNicks: false,
    useWebsockets: false,          // change this if you have websockets plugin for openfire
    resolution: "360",
    bosh: window.location.protocol + "//" + + '/http-bind/' 


Also please note that you have to restart Openfire after installing the plugin other wise you will get a web page not found error type 404 when you goto address https://MYDOMAIN.COM:7443/ofmeet