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The IM (instant messaging) gateway plugin allows users to log in to and communicate through other instant messaging services via their XMPP accounts. The gateway itself provides a number of "transports" to other protocols (AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, etc).

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Daryl Herzmann Daryl Herzmann replied to New version of Kraken

"Jorge, x=30&view=all  shows the source and the changelog"

in Kraken - IM Gateway (discontinued) 2 replies
4 weeks ago
Flow Flow replied to New version of Kraken

"Not sure why a new version appeared, maybe because some changes where needed on kraken in order to work with the latest API of Openfire. But"

in Kraken - IM Gateway (discontinued) 2 replies
4 weeks ago
Jorge Merlino Jorge Merlino asked New version of Kraken

"I see that there is a new version 1.2.0 of kraken available for download in the plugins page. I don' t know if this is the right place to as"

in Kraken - IM Gateway (discontinued) 0 bookmarks
4 weeks ago