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Re: 4.0rc1's XmppConnection's  callConnectionAuthenticatedListener() and PrivateDataManager's getInstanceFor 4 hours ago by oscarthecat oscarthecat
Re: asmack can't keep online? 4 hours ago by oscarthecat oscarthecat
Re: (a)Smack 4.0.0-rc1 NoResponseException on login 15 hours ago by Flow Flow
Re: (a)Smack 4.0.0-rc1 Debug 4 days ago by korobo4ka korobo4ka
(a)Smack 4.0.0-rc1 released 5 days ago by Flow Flow
Smack 4.0 Readme and Upgrade Guide 1 week ago by Flow Flow
Re: Wrong access modifier in ConnectionConfiguration class 1 week ago by Flow Flow
Re: not-well-format packet exception when set custom property for message 1 week ago by CSH CSH
Re: Memory Leak in BookmarkManager 2 weeks ago by Flow Flow
BOSHConfiguration not working in asmack 2 weeks ago by Nikit Saraf Nikit Saraf
Re: Storing messages with openfire and smack 3 weeks ago by Andres Andres
Re: FromMatchesFilter has NullPointerException and VCard has ClassCastException 3 weeks ago by sylvia sylvia
Re: Persistent connection 1 month ago by meisterfuu meisterfuu
Re: Smack looses messages at connection shutdown/failure 1 month ago by Georg Lukas Georg Lukas
Re: XEP-0332 1 month ago by Flow Flow
Re: Using smack with apache servlets for many concurrent chats 1 month ago by Flow Flow
MUC history missing after rejoin. 1 month ago by cvance cvance
Brief Tutorial on IQ Providers 1 month ago by Flow Flow
Re: RFC: Reworking the Exceptions of connect() and login() 1 month ago by Flow Flow
Re: muc.getOccupants() deficient values 1 month ago by Flow Flow
Re: Custom PacketExtension loosing namespace on receive 1 month ago by bhawkins bhawkins
Re: Brief Tutorial on IQ Providers... 1 month ago by Flow Flow
Re: Smack requests getAdmins() in wrong MUC namespace 1 month ago by Flow Flow
Re: PingManager notifies pingFailedListeners many times 1 month ago by Flow Flow
A GSOC 2014 project idea: Allow Smack to target Android and JavaSE 1 month ago by LG LG



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